Hypergiant aims to create learning experiences through technology

The Mission

We specialise in developing programmes for early years learning. To this end we have created a software platform that parents, teachers and child-care professionals can use to record and compare the various learning methodolgies, as pioneered by Montessori, Froebel and Steiner and developed over the years by Dunn, Bruner and Bruce, to enable child development experts to draw meaningful conclusions and propose useful recommendations.

The Crew


Luke has spent over ten years working as a software engineer but recently decided to set up Hypergiant as an enterprise to encourage a scientific application to child development.


Willow is currently studying lighting design at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. She has spent time shadowing lighting designers for childrens' theatre, worked as an associate lighting designer for a collaborative theatre company, TheatreMAB, and has also run the lights for West End Shows.


George is a rabbit. He spends most of his time resting but has been known to develop his burrowing skills - especially by gnawing though cardboard.


Charles is definitely the project manager of the group. Being a rabbit, he rarely communicates his ideas in a meaningful way - but occasionally his thumping expresses his distaste at George's construction endeavours.

The Method

The software is biased towards Ineractionist approach to child development. Whilst it can be used to record observations through an Empiricist and Nativist lens, it hasn't been designed to produce useful results. Instead, we've focussed on how child development professionals can record and measure, in a meaningful way, the results of applying interactionist methodologies.

This inherently involves a certain amount of subjectivity, but with the correct data gathering controls should mean that a level of objectivity can prevail.

The Reason

Luke's mother taught Home Economics in a secondary school in Croydon in the 1970s where she met Luke's father, who was an English and Drama teacher. Over the years Bernadette progressed along with the National Curriculum and ended up teaching Child Development. When she died in 1999 she left an important piece of advice with Luke: Never become a teacher.

In order to get around this, Luke began researching child developement and looking into how he could incoroprate it into his experience of software developement. Fortunately he met Willow who has a particular interest in creating drama productions which children can both enjoy and learn from.

During the next year we hope to release 3 useful apps that children can use to accelerate their learning, (encouraging language, maths and sociology) and hopefully compile the results into a theatrical production that we can stage in London and around the UK throughout 2014.

To keep abreast of things, or if you want to help us: send an email to luke@hypergiant.co.uk.